Sunday, July 31, 2016


I went out to drinks and appetizers last night with Elo. I had three club sodas with bitters and lime. Even though I don’t drink alcohol, by the third drink the mood at our table made me feel intoxicated. I finally decided to remove the prologue to The Scribbled Victims. I’ve begun excluding it in my word count. The working title to the sequel is changing too. It was originally called Yelena Before Me but now I’m referring to it as Scribbles Under Moonlight. Today I went to Midsummer Scream with Cynthia. I bought art. We went to ramen after.
Elo and I at Mohawk Bend
Cynthia and I arriving to Midsummer Scream at the Long Beach Convention Center
Me and a zombie girl

Saturday, July 30, 2016


I went to boot camp at six this morning. Two of my crushes were there. I had never seen them both in the same class and this anomaly illustrated that I do prefer one over the other. But it doesn’t matter. Both are way out of my reach. I wrote over a thousand words today. I passed my ten-thousand-word quota for the month. The Scribbled Victims is now over sixty-five thousand words. I was going to go to a club tonight, but decided against it. I’m too annoyed. Instead I’m going to go out for drinks with Elo in Silverlake.

David Agenjo

Friday, July 29, 2016


I visited Ashley. It’s the third anniversary of her death. I brought her flowers and a cross that came all the way from Greece. I was glad to see that many other people had visited and left her cards and flowers. There were multiple lip prints on the glass in front of her urn. Last night I got to meet LiL DEBBiE at the Troubadour. I was nervous but she was super nice. She said she was embarrassed because she threw up on stage behind the DJ booth. She’d been sick all week. I was introduced to Diamond Dez too.

The cross is in the little black box.

I hung the cross. Her mother will take it home and put it in her bedroom.

That's where I sit.

I kinda crushed on Diamond Dez.

I got to meet LiL DEBBiE!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


First day of vacation. I snuck into the office at 5 a.m. to talk to my coworker. Went to Starbucks and watched 10 Skype videos Ana made me. I sent 8 back. A calendar reminder reminded me I had boot camp. I almost missed it. Went to a Greek restaurant with Cynthia and then we went to the beach. We weren’t dressed for it but went in the water anyway. We got too much sun. Tonight I’m picking up Sin Dee and going to the LiL DEBBiE show. We have VIP tickets so I’m going to get to meet her.

We took a short walk on the beach. On our way back we used the guy in the red speedos as a landmark to find where we parked. Turn left at the bulge.